Allowing maximum transparency and efficiency of social communication in Kruunusillat Bridge project.

The City of Helsinki is committed to increase the share of sustainable transport in all passenger traffic. The Crown Bridges project will promote sustainable transport by creating new routes for walkers, cyclists and public transport. This will increase their combined share of all traffic in the city.

The Crown Bridges project will connect the Laajasalo, Korkeasaari and Kalasatama areas to the city center via a 10 km tram line. There will also be a new, picturesque seaside walking and cycling path. The most visual part of the project are the three new bridges: Kruunuvuorensilta, Finkensilta and Merihaansilta. Kruunuvuorensilta with a total length of 1,200 meters will be the longest bridge in Finland.

Allowing maximum transparency and efficiency of social communication in order to ensure public understanding and acceptance for the project.

Bringing together design data from several different sources to create "The Big Picture" solution that will allow better decision-making in the project.

Increasing citizen participation and optimizing public consultation process by implementing modern, eye-catching technology.


To answer those challenges we created, together with our partner SITOWISE, the complex Digital Twin model of this area of Helsinki. The purpose of the project was to create an online representation of the proposed new Crown Bridge design, Kalasatama and Kruunuvuorenranta urban areas, and Hakaniemenranta new tram line designs for the city authorities, Helsinki citizens and the general public.

The Digital Twin model was publicly presented for the first time at the Crown Bridge expo in Helsinki on January 2016 and later published as web model on the internet.

Our Digital Twin model presented new infrastructure designs in a dynamic, immersive environment, allowing the user to freely navigate the virtual city, take a boat, tram or bicycle ride and post comments afterwards. It also served the number of other purposes, such as:
- presentation and assessment of future infrastructure development plans
- presentation of the future traffic solution in modelled area
- public consultations of the proposed designs
- traffic safety study
- environment impact study
- vehicle ride simulation
- night lighting simulation

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