Automatic 5G and Small Cell Planning Solution for Next-Generation Radio Networks

Smart Prototyping, Superior Networks: AI-Enhanced 5G NR and Small Cell Planning for Next-Gen Urban and Industrial Connectivity, Delivered via SaaS.

Deploying 5G New Radio (NR) and Small Cell networks effectively demands sophisticated spatial planning to strategically position numerous devices – from antennas to base stations and IoT units – within a given space. The complexity of 5G NR systems renders manual planning obsolete. Embracing the latest in technological advancements, our platform offers an automated, AI and ML-powered solution, ensuring your network planning is not only efficient but also cost-effective. This modern approach is essential to meet the evolving challenges and high-density demands of urban and industrial 5G deployments.

Key Features

90% Faster Planning

Experience high-speed 5G network planning with our cloud-powered voxel computing engine. Simulate complex environments quickly and efficiently, dramatically cutting down the time it takes to calculate 5G propagation in fine detail.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Save up to 10 times on costs with our cloud-based SaaS platform. Avoid the high expenses of permanent software licenses and the need for top-tier hardware, all while accessing powerful 5G and Small Cell planning tools online.

AI-Enhanced Precision

Streamline your 5G antenna and base station deployment with our AI-assisted platform. Simplify your planning process with intelligent automation that minimizes the need for deep technical expertise and delivers precise, strategic results.

Adaptable to Your Project's Scale

Our platform is designed to grow with your needs. Whether you're planning 5G networks for a neighbourhood block or mapping out connectivity across an entire city, our tool adjusts to fit the scope of your project with ease.

Real-World Dynamics Integration

Conduct dynamic simulations that reflect real-life variables, such as moving vehicles and machinery. Our advanced tools consider these elements to optimize your 5G network's performance in actual operating conditions.

Comprehensive CAD/BIM Integration

Leverage extensive compatibility with a variety of data formats used in digital construction, including IFC, DWG, DGN, FBX, GML, and more. Our platform supports CAD and BIM files, allowing for seamless integration into your existing workflows.

Mastering the complexities of 5G NR network planning requires advanced tools. Discover our innovative solutions that overcome these challenges and set the standard for next-generation network planning

5G NR planning challenges include in particular:

Blare Tech is at the forefront of 5G network planning, offering tools that address the complexities of millimeter-wave technology. Our software navigates through the variables of weather and environmental conditions to ensure reliable signal propagation.

With the rise of 5G, networks are becoming denser and more intricate. Blare Tech's planning tools are designed to support the increased density of devices, enabling a seamless, automated planning process. Our use of AI and machine learning minimizes the need for extensive manual intervention, allowing for efficient network planning and configuration.

Our tools incorporate a Digital Twin model to virtually replicate the network environment, facilitating pre-launch testing and optimization. This approach is crucial for handling the nuances of millimeter-wave frequencies and ensuring comprehensive coverage.

    Interface of Blare Tech's 5G planning application, highlighting automatic network and cell planning capabilities with accessible propagation and rf model tools.

    Developed for cloud integration, Blare Tech's 5G tools are available in a SaaS model, which means flexibility and cost-effectiveness for our users. The tools adapt to your project’s size and demands, providing scalable resources without the need to over-invest in infrastructure.

    Blare Tech is committed to delivering a 5G planning experience that is both sophisticated and straightforward, ensuring that your network is robust, efficient, and future-ready. Our cloud-native architecture means you can access powerful planning tools from anywhere, scaling up as your network grows or scaling down to keep costs in check. This flexibility is essential for adapting to the fast-evolving demands of 5G networks.

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