Planning industrial 5G networks

Blare Technologies implements a project co-financed from European Funds:

Development of tools for planning industrial 5G networks using advanced measurement techniques and propagation models for millimeter waves in I2I (Indoor to Indoor) and O2I (Outdoor to Indoor) conditions, supported by artificial intelligence (AI).

The aim of the project is to work on a methodology and a set of measuring devices that enable the measurement of the behavior of waves with a frequency in the ranges: 700 MHz, 3-6 GHz, 26-40 GHz. Then perform measurements (campaigns) for the above ranges to calibrate and verify propagation models for industrial indoor environments. Propagation models will enable simulations to provide the necessary amount of data for the development of AI algorithms to automate the planning of industrial 5G networks.

Co-financing from Europen Funds - PLN 4 921 934,77

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