LuxTurrim5G - Enabling cooperation, analysis, tests and conceptual works thanks to the creation of DIGITAL TWIN.

LuxTurrim5G is a project led by consortium of companies including Nokia, our Finnish partner - SITOWISE, Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and Universities in Aalto, Tampere and Helsinki among others. The aim of this R&D project is to develop, test and demonstrate innovative technical ecosystem based on network of smart lamp-poles combining integrated antennas and base stations for fast 5G connectivity, as well as a variety of sensors and other devices providing relevant data and a secure data-platform to build new data-driven services. Realizing the goals of the project will help cities to meet their challenges in the areas of urbanization and sustainable development - and open new business opportunities for a true Smart City.

Develop & pilot key technical solutions and concepts for smart pole based 5G infrastructure enabling the connectivity and city-wide IoT & sensor network.

Develop data platform, new operation & business models, and service innovations enabling smart city services.

Create an open access ecosystem for developing new digital services.

Pilot digital services aiming for fast commercialization on selected thematic areas, e.g. first & last mile logistics, autonomous transportation, public safety & situational awareness, information sharing & advertisement, weather & air quality monitoring and healthy living.


Our role in the LuxTurrim5G project focused on the creation and delivery of a digital representation of the test area in the form of a Digital Twin, containing all the elements and functionalities necessary to carry out the analysis, tests, conceptual and planning works provided for in the project. The starting point was to collect spatial data from distributed sources and implement them in our 3D real-time "Aura" environment. Next, external services providing real-time data from sensors and IoT devices located in the project area were connected to the digital model. The Digital Twin created in this way was also supplemented with our proprietary module for fast 5G radio propagation simulation and a number of tools enabling the design of interconnected infrastructure elements, such as street lighting or cameras of the monitoring system.

Thanks to the use of Digital Twin, members of the LuxTurrim5G consortium were able to quickly, efficiently and intuitively test different scenarios and planning concepts, assess their implications, scope and scale of impact, and track distributed data and parameters in an integrated, visual 3D environment. As a result, it was possible to work out better planning solutions and make more informed decisions regarding further directions of development of the analyzed challenges and ways of solving them.

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