Simplifying and speeding up street lighting initial design process in Aalto University Campus & Real Estate - ACRE.

Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (ACRE) maintains, develops and rents out Aalto University facilities in Otaniemi and Töölö. They also build new concepts and shared facilities for parties outside the university, thus turning Otaniemi into a unique partnership centre and the most inspiring campus in the world.

Simplifying and speeding up street lighting initial design process for the new campus area thanks to the use of real-time Virtual Reality planning tool.

Getting the representatives of all parties of the investment process involved in the initial planning in order to quickly work out a common solution and transfer the selected concept for further engineering.

Streamlining and accelerating information exchange in the planning and design decision-making process through collaboration and data sharing in an integrated online solution.


To accomplish the tasks set for us in the project we created, together with our Finnish partner SITOWISE, the complex virtual model of Aalto University new campus area and an advanced real-time VR planning tool for fast initial street lighting design and conceptualization.

Our solution utilizes Virtual Reality real-time environment latest lighting features, such as direct use of IES files, which enables us to produce physically correct results, including both photometric light emission and energy calculations.

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