Increasing port operations efficiency and safety thanks to the full situational awareness through the use of Digital Twin.

Port of Oulu is a complex of three separate harbours located at the mouth of Oulujoki river in Oulu, Finland. Annual average of 3 million tons of cargo is shipped on over 500 vessels. It is the largest general port in the Bothnian Bay, providing services in the most rapidly growing city and the logistics centre of northern Europe. The Port of Oulu is a junction for sea, railroad and road traffic, enabling efficient transportation to all of northern Scandinavia and to Russia.

Enabling full situational awareness through visual, dynamic and interactive platform for sharing port data - Port of Oulu Digital Twin.

Improving efficiency, reliability and safety of port operations through integration of various types of data from distributed sources, including both the digital representation of the port and its surroundings, and a real-time data from IoT devices and sensors. Allowing better operational planning, predicting and simulations of port processes and improving the utilization of the infrastructure and assets thanks to the use of advanced digital tool-modules.


Together with our Finnish partner SITOWISE, we have created and delivered a virtual representation of the Port of Oulu in the form of Digital Twin, containing all the elements, data and functionalities necessary to implement the project tasks aimed at responding to above-mentioned challenges. The starting point was to collect spatial data from distributed sources and implement them in our real-time 3D platform "Aura". Next, external services providing real-time data from sensors and IoT devices in the port area were combined with a digital model, enabling their collection, analysis and simulation in order to fully use the potential of resources and

make more informed decisions.. The Digital Twin created this way was then supplemented with a number of tools enabling planning of port infrastructure elements, such as industrial lighting or cameras of the monitoring system.

Thanks to the use of Digital Twin, the personnel responsible for the supervision, management and planning of port operations will be able to quickly, efficiently and intuitively analyse their performance, test various planning scenarios, assess their consequences, and track distributed data in an integrated, visual 3D environment. As a result, they will be able to work out better planning solutions and make more informed decisions regarding further directions of development of the analysed challenges and ways of solving them.

The Port of Oulu Digital Twin will also allow all participants of port operations simultaneous, direct access to an up-to-date, comprehensive information on these operations presented in an intuitive, spatial visual context. These participants include:
- vessels, trains and trucks
- Construction projects
- Safety & security
- Area maintenance and waste management
- Customs and seamen's mission
- Emergency and environmental authorities

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