Increasing the efficiency of spatial data exchange and management in the City of Vantaa

With the population of over 200 000 City of Vantaa is fourth biggest and one of the most dynamic Finnish cities. It is also home of Finnish largest airport Helsinki-Vantaa, serving over 20 million passengers annually. The main national roads from Helsinki to the North and the main railway lines pass through the City.

Increasing the efficiency of the exchange and management of spatial data in a situation of constantly growing amount of such data.

Ensuring the integration of distributed spatial data in order to allow easy and intuitive access to this data by all participants of urban processes.

Enabling better use of resources thanks to process optimization through direct access to city spatial data and digital map services.

Preparing the system for the incorporation of the increasing amount of 3D and BIM data.


Together with our Finnish partner SITOWISE we continuously develop and deliver high quality, advanced GIS service for the City of Vantaa.

The "Louhi" Geographic Information System quickly and securely provides the most effective means of accessing the comprehensive range of information necessary for the efficient management of a modern, ever-expanding agglomerated urban area, while saving time, money and human resources in the process.

The multilayered Louhi system provides for the collection, processing and administration of an extraordinary amount of spatial data.

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