Enabling effective integration, management and exchange of spatial data in Helsinki

Helsinki, the Capital of Finland, is situated both on the mainland and on more than 300 islands surrounded by the waters of the Baltic Sea. With over 600,000 of inhabitants, the city is the main center of culture, science and industry of Finland, as well as an important transport hub. Helsinki port serves both passenger and cargo traffic and is one of the most important in Europe.

Enabling effective storage, management and exchange of spatial data while addressing the challenge of constantly growing amount of this data.

Providing the integration of spatial data distributed in different sources in order to enable fast and simple access to this data by all parties involved in the city processes.

Optimizing use of the resources through more efficient city management processes thanks to fast access to integrated city spatial data.

Increasing the readiness of the system to integrate growing amount of 3D and BIM data.


We are responsible for developing and delivering GIS solutions for the inhabitants of the Finnish capital - Helsinki. Together with our Finnish partner SITOWISE we provide services in the field of advanced spatial data technology with the Geographic Information System - "Louhi".

The use of "Louhi" enables multidimensional spatial analyzes that provide great support for decision-making processes in both public administration and the commercial sector.

The extensive structure of the "Louhi" system allows for the safe acquisition, storage and processing of wide range of data about objects and phenomena, which is used, among others, for urban planning, city services, health care or natural resource management. Thanks to this modern technology, our Clients can maintain their competitive advantages while minimizing costs.

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