We help Enterprises to develop and implement spatial data systems in areas such as Digital Twins, IoT, Smart City, infrastructure, urban planning, land use, environment, and telecommunications. We have both extensive knowledge covering all stages of the software development process, and a thorough understanding of the different industry fields of our Clients.

Key Benefits

100+ projects delivered successfully

Achieve a competitive advantage by powering your AEC projects with our unique Digital Twin technology, 3D GIS solutions, and 5G planning tools.

10 years of a close relationship with the Finnish partner

Ensure effective and timely delivery of your IT projects by working with pioneers in Spatial Data Visual Systems.

Scandinavian corporate culture as a standard

Experience an exceptional level of service. We have a long-lasting, close relationship with a large Finnish engineering consultancy company.

18 years of team core working together

The company founders and core team members have been working together since 2004 in different companies.

100+ years combined experience in the software dev team

All team members have at least 3 years of experience. Founders and core members have more than 20 years of experience each.

Experts in multiple industry fields

Our experienced software developers also have a thorough understanding of the different industry fields of our clients.

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Smart City planning consultancy

We deliver more value to our Clients faster because we are one of the pioneers in VR and GIS, which we started to develop in 2006. We have a long-lasting, close relationship with our Finnish partner SITOWISE. This special relationship has resulted in the successful realization of more than a hundred IT projects of different types and scales over the past eight years.
Our team of highly experienced and motivated software-development specialists maintains the highest standards of security and corporate culture, drawing on the experience and following the best Scandinavian practices in this area. As a result, our clients receive an exceptional, best-possible level of service in software development and a great User Experience.

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