The successful realisation of engineering and urban development projects requires both data and good situational awareness of all initial factors. Digital Twins and VR Solutions provide tools to effectively communicate and convey design ideas between all participants.

Smart and cost-effective planning thanks to precise predictions

Digital Twin technology and VR solutions have become an essential element of the development process thanks to their analytics capabilities. Software like ours makes it possible to consider each "what if'' scenario and test all possible results of project decisions or options in advance, well before executing them in reality. Most importantly for investments, those predictive models allow much more accurate cost estimates to be made.

Over the last decades, municipalities, enterprises, and organisations worldwide have learned the cost of inefficient and incomplete planning processes. A lack of necessary assessment and simulation can lead to significantly increased risk and misunderstandings between project participants. Fixing such errors post-factum can be extremely costly or even impossible. Implementing proper Digital Twin and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions can vastly improve productivity and communication between project participants, ultimately leading to success.

What is Digital Twin Technology and how can it improve the planning and development process?

Digital Twin is a particular type of VR solution that is usually created for a city, a select part of one, or an infrastructure facility like a port or logistics centre. It is an accurate, detailed, and digital representation of an area or facility that contains all elements, functionalities, and integrated data that are necessary for the realisation of project assumptions. It usually consists of spatial data depicting a given area, e.g. a Digital Terrain Model, models of buildings, and infrastructure facilities, constituting the geographically referential basis.
Digital Twin also integrates useful and real-time, historical or forecast data from sensors and IoT devices in addition to this spatial data. It provides a set of tool modules that plan and test various design scenarios in a virtual environment, so it’s the perfect simulation platform for planning street lighting, autonomous driving, 5G communication, or video monitoring systems.
The use of Digital Twin allows for the completion of tasks and response to the challenges related to the current implementation of a given engineering or urban project. It also allows building the potential for further development, as well as maintaining the benefits and competitive advantages of a project during all stages of its life-cycle. The versatility of Digital Twin makes it broadly utilised on both local and state government levels, as well as in business development.

Digital Twin and VR technology as a must-have moving forward

Having some form of a digital, functional representation of a given fragment of reality is necessary for introducing automation to resource management processes. The complexity of systems, processes, and the amount of generated data is growing exponentially. Digital Twins simulations help organize, analyze and, of course, visualize the overwhelming amount of data while saving a considerable amount of time and workforce as well.
The only way to maintain a competitive advantage is to abandon manual control and management in favor of full automation following the "zero-touch" concept.

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Limit the risk of misinterpretation and unfavorable evaluation of your ideas and concepts.
Thanks to our VR solutions, everyone will understand them, even children and investors.

How do we create Digital Twins?

The target stage of the process is the introduction of management solutions based on AI and machine learning. Digital Twin is a prerequisite for this transformation process to succeed.
The Virtual Reality Solutions and Systems that we provide to Clients in cooperation with our Finnish partner, SITOWISE, are an advanced answer to the challenges they face in the realisation of their engineering and urban projects. With our VR Solutions, they can integrate project spatial data from different sources, check their interoperability, as well as test and analyze other design options using real-time Digital Twin.
On a human level, the visual context that Digital Twins provide improves cooperation between managers, engineers, and designers. Its functionality is a game-changer for the big picture of any project, but in addition to that, it helps create excellent marketing materials on the fly.
Blare Technologies is using its expertise in VR Solutions and understanding different industry-fields to help companies optimize the use of their resources and improve risk management during all stages of the project life cycle.

Reduce the number of new tools you need to buy and master.
Thanks to our VR solutions, you can use the same system and the same data during the entire life cycle of your project.



Interact, cooperate, test and observe your ideas in user friendly 3D environment in real time.


Use advanced technology to run complex simulations and perform visual data analysis.

WOW effect

Create high quality sales and marketing visual materials with *WOW* effect on the fly.

Competitive Edge


Software as a Service - we provide complete, ready to use implementation to the client.


Competitive price - comparable to the price of technical platforms from other providers.


Number of advanced, worldwide-unique functionalities, not just a simple virtual reality environment.

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